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Couples Therapy

My work with couples is based on the Gottman Method, which research has shown to have such a high success rate, that it has been dubbed the "gold standard" for couples therapy. Through this approach, I can help you build what the Gottmans call a Sound Relationship House that will nurture the friendship, partnership, and romantic relationship you want with your significant other. 

The Gottman Method follows a particular initial process including clinical interviews together as a couple and individually, and incorporates results of a comprehensive questionnaire to assess the various needs and functioning of you as a couple. I combine all of this information to create a tailored treatment plan for your specific relationship goals. 

Individual Psychotherapy

I know going to therapy can be a vulnerable process, especially when you are just getting started. Without a high level of trust and safety, it can be difficult to do the deep work where healing happens. So, when I meet a client for the first time, my first goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable sharing whatever you need to talk about. I also seek to truly understand, from your unique perspective, what the pain points are, and identify your strengths and resources, to move into treatment with a specific plan of how to reach your goals and leverage your strengths along the way. I feel so privileged to partner with my clients and watch them go from surviving to thriving as they discover answers to their questions, realize greater possibilities for themselves and their relationships, and move toward their dreams.

Trauma-Informed Treatment

For my clients who have a trauma background, I incorporate a range of trauma-informed modalities and techniques into your treatment plan when indicated, including EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and Emotion-Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT).

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

For my clients who may do best with a hands-on highly experiential form of therapy, I offer equine-assisted psychotherapy. We are able to access the wisdom of horses to teach us and show us our strengths and our places where we can grow. Horses have a unique ability to live right in the moment with us, which enables us to know exactly what we are bringing to the interaction, which helps us to work with it in real time. 

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